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Rules for submission of papers

The author(s) that would like to submit a manuscript, he/she/they should follow the following guidelines:
First, the manuscript should be written in a clear and correct English. In the short history of our journal, we have received some valuable submissions which however required time-consuming language editing by our editorial team.
Hence, please take the time to ensure that your text is submitted in clear and correct English. While our editors can do a certain amount of language editing, it is unrealistic to expect that linguistically substandard submissions could be completely overhauled.
Second, the submitted manuscript should be made in in two formats:
a) A4 page with double-spaced typescript, not exceeding 10,000 words (including notes and references), and
b) Journal default page (download it at with single-spaced typescript, not exceeding 10,000 words (including notes and references), where both files are written in (Word) .doc or (preferred) .rtf files. If the total pages exceed this maximum preferred length, the author should write first to the Editors with its reasons.
Third, the manuscript should fit with Journal Author Guidelines.
To avoid instant rejection, please read it carefully and make some necessary adjustments before you submit it.
Finally, along with the manuscript, the author should send the filled Statement Form.
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