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Peer Review and Acceptance

The Editors will first check the submitted article whether it fits with the scope or theme of the journal, or whether it is well written. The results could be a rejection of the article at this stage. However, the author could complain the decision of the editors, and the complaint will be brought to the Board of Editors.
The decision of the Board of Editors is final.
The article will be normally reviewed by two peer reviewers.
In certain cases, the member of Board of Editors could become a reviewer.
The result of the reviewed article could be:
a) an acceptance without revisions,
b) an acceptance with minor revisions,
c) an acceptance with major revisions,
d) a rejection of the article.
For cases b) and c),a deadline will be given for revisions. For an accepted article (without revisions or after revisions), a Letter of Acceptance will be normally sent to the author(s).
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