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About the Journal

International Journal on Biodiversity Watch is a peer reviewed journal developed to publish original, innovative and novel research articles related to research on Forest Law Enforcement, Forest related policies and laws, Legal framework to support and protect land tenure, ownership and use rights, Concordance of Broader Development Policies with Forest Policies, existence of legal provisions and mechanisms for equitable sharing of forest revenue, cooperation and coordination of national law enforcement agencies, including police and customs, in forest law enforcement at different levels and across agencies, administration of land tenure and property rights, measures to address corruption, transparency of forest revenue collection, budgeting, expenditure, accounting, redistribution and audit, medicinal plants and practices, Biodiversity Conservation issues, forest governance policy, programs and related issues.

This peer-reviewed scientific journal has been quarterly brought out by VRM Foundation International, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. The Journal publishes investigative and empirical papers covering research findings across the sectors of forest governance, biodiversity conservation, issues relating to climate change, community based conservation, traditional medicine and medicinal plants.

All theoretical and methodological perspectives are welcomed. The Editorial Board of the journal also encourage the submission of, original manuscript translations, short papers/communications presenting various ancient literatures related to use of medicinal plants and folk medicine system across different regions of India and world.

Aim and Scope
The main aim of the journal is to publish significant research focusing on Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Governance issues. This journal aims at publishing investigative research articles covering policies, programs of Biodiversity Conservation, Challenges & threats to forest governance, conservation of medicinal plants and mainstreaming traditional knowledge into protection of biodiversity, community based conservation approach and so on.
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